I decided that I wanted to play around with Wordle.  I went to the website and viewed a few different Wordles and then decided to create my own.  It asked me to paste a bunch of text in there and so I had to decided what I was going to use and what I wanted to make my wordle about.  Knowing we had to make and about me page for this class I figured I would make one about me.  So I went through the process and wrote down a few words that I thought described me and then created my wordle.  I thought it was pretty neat but wanted to see some other options of what it could look like.  I clicked on the randomize button a few times checking out the different options I could use. In the end I accidentally ended up closing my wordle and then when I went back to create a new one was unable.  While I was not able to create a new one I thought this was a very interesting site and a interesting resource that I could use in my classroom.  I think this would be a cool thing for students to make at the beginning of the year to introduce themselves to each other as well as to me.  It could also be used to help enhance a project the kids are working on in any subject.  A teacher could create a different world for different parts of speech, for example a wordle just using verbs, or prepositions.  This could help remind students what these types of speech look like and examples of them.  In general I think this would be a fun and creative tool to use in my classroom!


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