Classroom Organization Ideas Found on Pintrest

While exploring Pintrest I have found a lot of really cool classroom ideas, from lesson plans to ideas of how to organize and manage your classroom.  I think one of my favorite things that I have found though is a teacher’s class website about how to organize your classroom.  This is something very important to me because I know one of the first steps toward having a well managed classroom is having a well organized one and knowing where everything is.  This cuts back on time for me having to search for things and makes it so there is more time for learning and having fun during the day.  This site is cool because like it talks about, it is very well organized.  Everything is in folders with clearly labeled names.  This makes accessing the information so much easier.  The website has a list of materials you will need to get started as well as step by step instructions as to what to do.  For someone like me who needs to be well organized in order to function or find anything this website is like my dream!  I know that in the future if I don’t have folders and bins and things for students to turn in their work too then everything will get completely disorganized.  The site even includes how to get your own desk organized.  The site also includes pictures to help make things clearer and to show you what everything should look like.  I would highly recommend everyone looking at this site when they are getting ready to set up and organize their own classroom. I really believe that a well organized classroom is a well managed classroom!


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