Flipped Classroom

I read the article To Flip or Not to Flip by Stacey Roshan and published by edudemic.  I thought this was a very interesting article and I really liked how she outlined the reasons why she flipped and why she finds it so useful.  I think they idea of spending less class time teaching the material and instead spending the time doing what homework they would have for that night is really great.  It gives the teacher a better idea of what the students don’t get, and it gives the students the excellent resource that is their teacher during the time they are doing this activity this way if they don’t get it the teacher can help them.  I mean why have the students sit in class and be bored listening to a lecture when they can be getting the help that they really need actually working through the material, that is what is going to demonstrate their knowledge of it anyways.

I would also think that this might help with classroom management because the students get to work in groups to help figure out the problems.  This way they still get to talk and socialize with each other, but it gets to be about academics.  How is that a bad thing?  The article also stated that an increase in test scores was seen.  So if the students are learning better this way and the test scores are proving it then why not at least give it a try?  It does sound like it would be more work for the teacher but it sounds to me at least like it might be worth it, at least to give it a try.

I remember frequently going home and getting started on my homework, only to realize I had either forgotten all that the teacher had said during class or I really didn’t get it as well as I thought I did.  In some cases I would call a friend and hope that they understood it better than me but that wasn’t always the case.  This model would eliminate that problem.  Instead of having to go home and get stressed and frustrated because they have no clue how to get the work done, they can have the teacher be right there helping them to better understand it.

The only problem I see with a flipped classroom is that in some areas the students don’t have the technology at home to listen to the lectures.  In cases like this the teacher would have to be sure to know their students and the demographics of their classroom.  If a student does not have access to a computer at home, then there needs to be some kind of alternative for that student.  Also, students could have the same luck as me, that their computer breaks periodically, making it so they no longer have the access to the technology needed.  As a solution, I think that there always needs to be some sort of alternative to watching these lectures but you never know when technology can fail on you.

In the end, despite the technology issues, I think this is an idea that is at least worth giving a try.


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