Podcast Response: BrainPop

I think I would definitely use podcasts for professional learning in the future.  After reading the article Enhanced Podcasts I thought it was really interesting the different ways that podcasts can be used in the classroom, across all disciplines. I really liked the idea of being able to create one and then e-mail it to parents as a sort of weekly newsletter and including student narration.

I watched the podcast EdGamer 104: Special Hangout with BrainPOP at ISTE 2013.  This was a really interesting podcast for me to watch because I have used BrainPOP before to find lesson ideas and things but didn’t know that much about it.  This podcast really walked you through what there is on the site.  I also found it interesting that BrainPOP is not just for elementary school students but it is can be used all the way through high school.  The main difference is BrainPOP vs BrainPOP Jr.  BrainPOP Jr is for K-3 students while BrainPOP is for students 4-12.

On both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr there are a lot of cool educational games that can be found as well as videos and information.  The best part is that the BrainPOP educator section is free, so us teachers can have access to a lot of cool lesson ideas and things without having to pay to access them.  This site is linked to the Common Core standards as well as each individual state standards, including Canada.  When you get to the BrianPOP educator page you can search by standard, subject, as well as grade that way you will be sure to find content appropriate for whatever level you teach.

I also learned that on BrainPOP educator there are quizzes about many different topics, some of them teacher created.  Also, if you find a quiz but realize that it maybe has a question or two on there that you don’t want, you can edit it and only show the content that you want it to.  This way the students can take the quiz and you don’t have to worry about there being questions on there you don’t like.  On BrainPOP educator you can also create your own quizzes and share them with other people who access the site.  So it becomes almost like a social networking tool where you can create and share these different ideas with people.

On the educators page there is also a training section so if you are ever unsure of how to use BrainPOP best in the classroom this will help you.  After watching this podcast I went and explored the educators page a little further and found curriculum guides, lesson plan ideas, and a lot of other things.  There are videos, quizzes, lessons, games, and more on both of these sites.  I think they are both ones that I would like to use in my classroom in the future.


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